Being granted an audience


Well, we paid for it really.

It was National Theatre night at the local fleapit again.  This time, it was The Audience.

It was probably more involving for those of us old enough to remember the prime ministers who were sketched in for ten or fifteen minutes each.  I barely recognised Richard McCabe’s Wilson, but I was too young to pay much attention to him in his salad days, so the fault may lie with me.  Nathaniel Parker did a rather good turn as Gordon Brown, while Haydn Gwynne was the Thatcher we love to hate.  Was there, now – just possibly – a whiff of Spitting Image?   It would be difficult to keep it out of anything about recent politics (like excluding King Charles’ head).

And of course, there was Helen Mirren, doing her justly famous thing as the Queen we rather hope we have got.   Myth making again…


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