The wheels came off


It was a choice between that or cutting a couple of inches off each leg of an ordinary table, as Paddington Bear did (and I think I would have had the same problems as Paddington doing it).


Naturally, that meant turning the furniture upside-down.  When is a table like a Tardis?


When it’s mine, of course.


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    • Well – a lapsed Whovian. I saw the very first episode broadcast and the very first Dalek, which gives me a sort of claim – but couldn’t be bothered with the later Doctors, with the honourable exception of Eccleston’s – I was fairly glued to that series. Alas that he didn’t stay a bit longer.

      • LOL Yeah… he announced he was quitting the day after the first episode was broadcast… I saw an interview with him (on the first series DVD) where the interviewer asked how long he wanted to play the part… this was taped right before the frst ep aired… and he pretty much just outright lied LOL

        I can’t remember exactly what he said… and I understand he doesn’t want to just say “well I’m done at the end of this series” but it seems a bit two-faced now, with hindsight LOL

        I know he wants nothing to do with it… but then, Tom Baker was the same for quite some time… he refused to be in The Five Doctors and now Eccleston (apparently) isn’t going to have anything to do with the 50th celebrations…

          • I have a few of his stories… I’ve got the DVD’s of An Unearthly Child and the first Dalek story 🙂 Fascinating to watch now… each episode was more like a play, but then I guess the whole medium was still, arguably, in it’s infancy.

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