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Standard warning for random readers:  it is very dangerous to look directly at the sun, especially through binoculars or telescope – permanent blindness is the likely outcome.  NEVER do this unless you have a solar filter or solar scope bought from an approved astronomy dealer, and have the advice of experienced astronomers.

Safety first:  Take out the Baader filter; examine it indoors; examine it outdoors; put on 5 inch telescope and look at the ground; aim at sky and look for holes; aim at sun and look with bad eye; finally look with good eye.

Through the skeins of cirrus the disc of the sun showed several active areas of spots, plus one on the limb.  I watched peacefully for a while, swapping eyepieces and Barlow in and out.  Eventually I tried to document what I saw by snapping down the 9mm eyepiece with my little hand-held Canon Powershot.  One or two were reasonable; but don’t show the details of the monochrome disc floating in the eyepiece.

Active areas 1756 and 1754  07.37 BST 26th May 2013

Active areas 1756 and 1754 07.37 BST 26th May 2013

(If curious:  a reference image and images from serious astronomers can be seen at http://www.spaceweather.com.)

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  1. Nice photo! 🙂 I’ve taken photos of the Moon with a digital camera held up to the eyepiece… if I got a filter, I’m sure I could do the same with the Sun… hmmmmmm… now you’ve got me thinking…

    • I find it more difficult to get a good image of sunspots than of the Moon, with this primitive technique. Of course a ‘proper’ filter is very pricey -that’s why I used the Baader solar film, but as you can probably tell I feel a little nervous about it as the film looks so fine and flimsy (though obviously very effective).

      • I don’t know what my old eyepiece filter was made of – it came with the telescope when I was 13 so it was quite a number of moons ago now LOL It was a “proper” filter though… don’t think it was welder’s glass! LOL

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