Remember to turn it down


Burrowing into cupboards, this ancient and cheapo turntable emerged.  No speakers;  it did however plug into the back of the enormous television.

still turning

Another corner yielded the LP collection, a random handful of which turned out to be the early music section.


After some poking in menus, I found the channel to play audio, and the elephant gave birth to a mouse – a whisper of sound, even with the volume ramped up to 45.  Just knitting would compromise one’s ability to hear.  Is it the turntable or the settings on the monster?  No idea; but must remember to turn down the volume before inserting any modern media…

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      • Yes… i did too… I spent about ten years amassing my vinyl… I wasn’t about to just give it all up…I ripped it all onto my iPod… and then, when I got to the US, I hooked the iPod up to my wife’s PC and frickin’ iTunes wiped it clean… I was not amused… in fact, I was a little upset that day…

  1. so funny. and I admire your practical common sense. I usually squeak and scratch my head and then forget all about it.
    And I weep for thelastsongiheard! Noooo!

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