I can’t write my name any more


because I’ve just inscribed it in twenty books,  and now it is coming out gibberish (like saying the same word over and over again).  It’s the necessary preliminary to giving them all away on Tuesday.

No. 1 Ladies'


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    • It’s World Book Night on Tuesday and I’m signed up as a giver. You get twenty copies of a book (chosen from a special shortlist) to give to total strangers. Part of it is that you put in your name – it’s supposed to be like a personal gift to share your pleasure in reading. 🙂

          • It is so great! I am currently reading ‘the gift’ by Lewis Hyde, have you ever come across it? It deals with the spiritual, emotional and social effects of gifts and gift giving; drawing on myths, social anthropology, religion etc etc to explore the concept. In heaven! Done my back in, so in bed reading, avidly.

          • Oh dear, now you’ve added another book to my enormous reading list! But thank you for the idea 🙂 Hope your back is improving now.

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