It’s a big one


Quite unexpectedly we came into possession of a huge flat screen to display our DVDs.  It looks so alien in the sitting room that I am collecting a small grove of plants to mitigate the impact.  Overhanging fronds occasionally impede the signals from the remote, and the vegetable frame makes certain images look very odd.


I am testing it with my prettier films and some of them come up a treat – Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System, for example.  Unfortunately I find the soundtrack very intrusive, including Brian’s script on occasions, and he will keep putting his head in the way of the interesting stuff…

In another departure from habit I made primrose salad.  This too looked very pretty, but was disappointing to other senses; the flowers didn’t have their usual fragrance, perhaps because it has been so cold, and of course this translates into a lack of flavour.  One to try again if the sun should happen to come out.



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