Last night I could see stars.  The car was already icing up at 10 pm and a thick haze at the horizon was a warning, but beggars can’t be choosers.  I didn’t trust it enough to get out the 10 inch, but the 5 inch is quick to set up and I found the Leo Triplet and M101 just for practice, though they were barely visible.  Mostly I wandered round the sky with binoculars revising (‘oh – that’s a bright one coming up – goodness, it looks familiar, that must be Vega – what’s that splodge of light doing … of course, Coma Berenices’ – etcetera).

Saturn rose out of the trees, and I got my first view of it in a telescope for this season.  The rings have opened a little more and I could just see Titan, though none of the other moons.  The air was exceptionally swimmy, no good at all for observing.  The turbulence made it look as if the globe of Saturn was swinging the rings round its hips like a hula hoop, an amusing departure from its usual austerity and elegance.

Still, at least I know it is still there.


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