Cold hands


Knitting a test glove from leftovers, knitting micro mitts from leftovers, knitting fingerless gloves from leftovers … The little green micro mitts are made from alpaca yarn, warm, light and flexible.  The glove pattern works and will be good in a better-quality yarn.  But alas that I want to knit gloves in April.


I borrowed the mitts idea from another blog, Kidznitz

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  1. A few years ago I knitted a pair of anti-poison-ivy fingerless gloves from scrap yarn (they shield my wrists by covering the gap between the end of my sweatshirt sleeves and the end of my gardening gloves). Not exactly pretty, but when you’re uprooting poison ivy, total coverage matters a lot more than beauty.

    • Yes, I’m an old fogey and was taught to knit as a matter of course, but it is nice to see the young re-discovering it. Part of the charm is that you need so little equipment – as a craft, it’s eminently portable and affordable.

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