Birds’ bottoms


Returning from an errand, I stopped at random by a signpost and obeyed its suggestion.  The wetlands were beautiful but austere, dulled under a heavy sky.  Occasionally a beam of sun swept by and for a few seconds colour sprang out, green and cream and blue and purple and russet.

Two grave mistakes soon came to light:  I had on the wrong boots, so could not leave the main cycle path, which was metalled beneath the mud; and I had neither binoculars nor the good camera.

This was a pity, as there were plenty of waterfowl to look at.  The ones I could identify:  little egret, grey heron, coot, oyster catchers, moorhen, brent geese, black headed gull, teal, pintail, shoveller, shelduck, mute swan, redshank.  On several occasions there were birds which looked different, but were too far away, or turning their backs. or dabbling, or in silhouette, and I am not a good enough birder to recognise birds’ bottoms, so probably missed a number of species.

Mem:  go back equipped!

(click into an image for the gallery)


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