Things to do when you can’t sleep: xxvi


xxvi : Listen to a lecture about sleep and dreams

It was given by Professor Glenn Wilson as a Gresham College lecture, and is available on the web at in the ‘past lectures’ tab.  I was already familiar with some of the content, but it reinforced that knowledge and there were interesting new bits dotted in like currants.

After that, I dropped in on Professor William Ayliffe talking about how artists over the centuries have used the way visual processing happens in our brains. He drew out the astonishing integrative action of the brain, co-ordinating all its discrete processes (edge detection, colour analysis, brightness etc.) to make the results seamless as we experience them.  The lecture was more of a challenge, as I’m less familiar with the material, but I will be returning for Ayliffe’s other talks in this series.

The knitting is coming on too.

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