Last night there was a live broadcast to cinemas of the National Theatre production of Alan Bennett’s latest play, People.  In our local establishment two screens were used, as there were so many takers.  It’s an excellent use of modern technology to make drama and music available to rural populations, who cannot get to such events without  major investment of time and money.  More!  (RSC, please note.)

The play deals (in a somewhat absurdified way) with the dilemma of impoverished owners of stately homes:  to NT or not to NT?  Alan Bennett says he has always been irritated by the National Trust but didn’t know why, so he wrote the play.

I don’t think that this was the cream of Bennett’s writing, but it was thought-provoking and entertaining.  Much may be forgiven to a playwright who can see the point of creating juicy roles for older women, and thus allow some very good actresses to keep working.  And in this way, he has given us some legendary moments:  I only have to say ‘cream cracker’ …


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  1. Interesting to read your views compared to mine. Thank you, I also put a “review” on my blog.
    Enjoyed your company, remember to re-instate the emergency supplies 🙂

    • I’d largely be in agreement with your review – and yes, swishing about in an emerald-lined coat is now on my list of spiffing ideas for advanced age too. Maybe we could start a bit sooner? Emergency supplies topped up – never know when you will be on that train from Paddington.

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