Lettuce first


After last year I’m a discouraged gardener.  Will I ever harvest anything again?     (click into image for the gallery)

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  1. I couldn’t sow lettuce in the growing position in the garden…must first sow in tiny tubs to get them going due to s.l.u.g.s! So persistent, so boring!
    I sow by the moon calendar (do you?) so will have a few busy days next week. Can’t wait!

    • Oh yes, I’d never be able to start lettuce outside, what with the weather and the slugs – these are loose leaf lettuce which I start inside and pot on – rarely plant them out into the veg plot at all.
      PS Moon – don’t think this cycle is going to be propitious, what with the snow and all!

          • Yes, I admit that the path I was clearing was through snow that had drifted up in front of my house…And today there is no path and I shall have to start all over again…Will I, though? perhaps I shall just sit tight and nibble on left-overs until it all goes away.

          • Cunning plan – the strong wind still causing drifts across vulnerable bits of road here too so we have continuing blockages, although it has hardly snowed at all since yesterday afternoon.

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