White sky, black sky


Not exactly cloudy, but the sky went white with haze.


For once it didn’t thicken and by 8pm there were stars (and no moon).  Hideous conflict:  telescope or sky quality survey?

The survey won.  I lurked in assorted car parks, lay-bys, farm gates and unmade roads, scaring bunnies and beeping methodically at the zenith, acquiring readings for 16 locations.  The most exciting was an unlit layby at the edge of a cliff, black as the inside of your hat.  I decided it was judicious to stay right by the car…



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  1. Sometimes I like taking pics that don’t show what I saw. Makes me think it was too good to be recorded. Weget obsessed with recording everything and forget to just enjoy.

    • Also true – and what we remember becomes dominated by the photos we took – the other memories don’t get ‘refreshed’ by being recalled and just fade out.

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