On not being investigated by the police


Last night I tried to do the impossible:

  • find some clear sky
  • after the end of astronomical twilight
  • before moonrise
  • no overhanging trees
  • multiple locations
  • stopping the car in total darkness without other cars running into it (or me)
  • and without causing the police to investigate my strange lights and beepings in the blackness

Did I succeed?  Well – sort of.  A couple of data points for a sky quality survey; and now I need to achieve all those conditions again … and again … and again …



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    • I’ve lots of locations to check out – perhaps like a sky quality Pimpernel popping up where least expected (though sadly, I just look like a lady of a certain age gone completely barking).

  1. LOL I once read about some poor soul here in the US who nearly got arrested for astronomy… he had a Dobsonian in the park, and, of course, it was pointed at the stars. Some clever bugger thought it was a rocket launcher – that’s right, a rocket launcher – and that he was aiming it at an aircraft flying overhead. (I think this wasn’t long after 9/11) He soon found himself surrounded by the police…

    I read it in S&T so it must be true 😛

    • 🙂 Lucky for him they weren’t too trigger-happy … I sort of get it – most people never would have seen a Dobsonian, I suppose. Makes me think about Ray Bradbury’s story ‘The Pedestrian’ though – remember that one?

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