Knitting and reading, reading and knitting


A pullover has been hanging about in the knitting bag for long enough and it’s time to finish it.  Reading while knitting carries obvious risks of dropped stitches, split stitches, straying from the pattern etc., plus a more insidious chance that the flavour of what you are reading and thinking will be permanently knitted into the finished garment … for good or ill.  Will this always be the Everest jumper?

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  1. I tend to have (at least) two knitting projects going at once – right now, there’s my plain brown pullover for TV watching, and the doubleknit cowl for when I can think about what I’m doing!

  2. I never found a problem with watching tv and knitting;. I sometimes read as well, if the tv was really dull. I was always intrigued at how my father would have in-depth political discussions with me at the same time and never noticed that my grunts and otehr noises really didn’t mean a lot.

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