An adult movie?



Long.  Talky.  Dark interiors.  The President often looked grubby, sick, confused, unkempt, cold.  So did the other major characters.  Their collective behaviour was, variously, manipulative, irrational, duplicitous, cynical, bullying, devious and venal.  Principled action proceeded by dirty byways.  So far, I loved it.  The players walked on, immediately replete with personal qualities, previous experience and long-formed relationships, some of which you were allowed to work out for yourself.  I loved it even more.  Major hurrahs for Lewis, Field, Jones and Strathairn, and the creative team behind them.

I’m afraid that Spielberg only gets one and a half cheers, though.  As a matter of personal preference, I wish he would stop before the dénouement and the heavenly choir (well, heavenly strings).  It would be so much more interesting like that.  And I longed to say to him, very slowly and clearly, that, if he’s made a good film (which he has)











But I don’t think he would get it.

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  1. I wish spielberg would stick to popcorn movies.He has made a mess of so many important issues that nobody else can go near them. It’s why I think Ben affleck did such a good job on Argo. He threw in a load of cheese at the end, but we forgive him because the rest of the film was so brilliant and the story a really strange one.

    • The rest of ‘Lincoln’ compensated me for the hokum (mostly) – it did look like people in a different world, without dentists, washing machines or chain store clothes, not just 21st century actors in funny hats. I think that’s one reason I found the main narrative so absorbing.

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