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  1. And so the world evolves. In 200 million years’ time, will those manmade fibres be fossilised in new beds of stone uncovered on a strange beach? Is the world aging or is it just changing? Dood for thought.

    • Given how long it takes artificial fibres to degrade, perhaps they will be embedded rather than fossilised? Aging – I suppose so, though presumably it won’t be very obvious until the core begins to cool and solidify. It would be interesting to hang about and see…

  2. It’s amazing what you see when you go walking with intent. If I have a camera in my hand I see so much more than usual. I also like bricks, which makes me a very interesting city guide. Or not.

    • Yes – it’s one of the good things about digital cameras – you can take lots of photos of detail. I’m a fellow traveller about the bricks and can see why that would be interesting – with your local knowledge, can you match the Bristol bricks with the brickyard they came from?

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