What? What? Aha! Bother! What? *!*?! Aha!


Today I learned my first-ever fragment of html.  It was not of malice aforethought, but because the visual editor for the web page I was trying to edit is THE STUPIDEST imaginable and I couldn’t get it to accept the edits.

It doesn’t help that the html version of the page is displayed in one long string without any demarcation of the commands, and as it is a complex page the html string goes on and on and on.  What’s more, the web imps insert random bits of code now and then to make it more interesting. (Perhaps someone can explain this to me?)

However, after a short tutorial I crept painfully through it, uttering selections from the post title at intervals.  The session ended with an Aha, which makes it a success in my book.  (Pity it took two hours.)


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  1. See, that’s how computers suck you in. Any experimental animal will keep on and on doing what you want it to do as long as you reward it absolutely at random…the way programmers get rewarded 😉

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