Return of the frozen explorers



Cherry is an excellent biography, well-informed, witty, sympathetic, modest, rewarding multiple readings.

The Worst Journey is one to keep always.  It is Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s long-considered account of  the  archetypal polar expedition; his own winter journey to Cape Crozier; Scott’s trek to the Pole and not-quite-back-again; and the aftermath.  It’s long, but the detail and intense reflection is what absorbs you into a disturbing, immersive reading of the book.

This is the real deal:  a driven writer unveiling an extremity which he uniquely, and irretrievably, knew.

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    • Never enough reading time … hope you enjoy the books if you manage to catch up with them – I’ve read The Worst Journey three or four times now, and I’m still finding new lights and shades.

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