Returning the decorations to the attic, I found a strange derangement of abandoned items:


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  1. Oh, the IT museum! You know, I bet fifteen years ago my husband would have been willing to toss the 1990 Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing User’s Guide I just found. Not now. Now it’s been claimed for the historical archives, to lurk there forevermore.

    Then again, I’m in no hurry to get rid of my (sentimentally meaningful) book on dBase programming, so who am I to complain? Which is one reason we have so much stuff that any normal person would immediately class as junk.

      • About ten years ago, we toured the science museum in Mannheim, Germany – I was amused to see keypunch machines on display, but then again, they are historical artifacts these days!

        • Mmm – and remember those first removable disk packs which were so exciting because they could be taken from machine to machine – they were the size of suitcases! I can’t remember how many bytes – probably you get more on a memory stick these days. I feel old…

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