The giant pug mill


(click on a photo for the gallery)

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  1. Oooh! please show the fired results? Am so envious; all the clay I have found to date has been gritty and impure! And do you use a saggar when firing? Because I would worry about over firing and having my kiln covered with molten clay….?

    • Most of them are quite gritty, and take a fair bit of processing to remove bits and pieces. I hand-build with them – throwing would take your skin off. But they are all individuals and you get to know them as you work – I come back to commercial clay and it feels like Mother’s Pride compared with a good solid seedy loaf. I don’t fire them higher than earthenware temperature if I do them in the kiln – and am wary of that because of the salt in the clay which I think probably wouldn’t be good for the elements.

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