to make a pot has run into months instead of weeks.

  1. Make up a hybrid batch of clay to get the right clay body
  2.  Hand-building slowly or pot would collapse
  3. Wait for pot to dry very thoroughly
  4. Make more pots to fill kiln
  5. Fire.  Beginner’s mistake revealed – some lettering popped off
  6. Sulk
  7. Slowly hand-build second pot
  8. Allow to dry very thoroughly
  9. Make more pots to fill kiln properly
  10. Letters did NOT pop off in bisque firing
  11. Domestic interruptions
  12. Mix up large batch of fresh glaze
  13. Glaze pot
  14. Fire.  Discover another beginner’s mistake
  15. Stamp about muttering
  16. Re-glaze with painful care
  17. Second glaze firing with everything crossed (toes, elbows, eyes)

At least I will be giving it in the same year it records.  Please, can I stop now?



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  1. just wondering if you ever use Thermofix for dropping letters and other construction mishaps? It is a kind of ceramic glue you can use on bisque fired (or green) clay to fix cracks, glue bits back together etc…cures during kiln firing – I fire my stuff to 1050-ish but it can go up to 1100 degrees C. Great stuff. Comes in a tube.

    • Thanks for the hint – in this case it wouldn’t have helped if that’s the firing range, as this pot is stoneware and the glaze fires at 1245+. Definitely a good thing to have in hand if I go into an earthenware phase!

  2. That looks worth all the trouble – I love the neck with the rounded rim, also that blue is perfect against the bare clay, with that thin little brown edge where the iron has burned through. Lovely.

    • Thank you – and yes, it is a glaze I’m very fond of for stoneware. I was also pleased by the way the lettering settled onto the shoulder of the pot as if it was meant, not spread out or squished together to fit the space available (not always my strong point).

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