Digit-piercing chill


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  1. Oh, The Sliding Doors of Perception, The Toothpaste of Misconception. I read your title as Digit Piercing *Drill*, having had just such an experience a few months back which took ages to heal, so, brimming with sympathy, I browsed through your delightful account of your trip to Southampton, anticipating a dénouement which never arrived. So, a final flush of relief to know that you haven’t suffered a very unpleasant DIY injury.

  2. Ruins are preserved – blame Sir Kenneth Clarke, War Artists’ Advisory committee proposed loads of landscaped former churches as memorials, for commemoration services but few were acted upon. also, they are cheaper than rebuilding in the expensive former styles.

    • Ah – that was it, then. Some spaces are better used than others – years ago I remember seeing the Coventry mystery plays staged in the bombed part of Coventry Cathedral, and people were always eating their lunch there – but there wasn’t even a decent seat in this one, which seemed a pity.

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