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Rain and rain and rain and rain again


Abandoning hope, we bunked off to the cinema at midday, there to endure the kind of trailers which do at least obviate any temptation to see the actual films.  Eventually we settled in to the story – or stories – about storying which make up the spectacular Life of Pi. It definitely worked, I decided, as I staggered disorientated into the wet and suddenly alien English urbscape, trying to remember where I had left the car, and which road led to out.

On the way home there was a sudden glim of sun from under the heavy lid of the sky.  These days none of it can be allowed to go to waste, and I rushed to catch the last drops:

Stinks and bangs


This year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are being given on the subject of chemistry by one Peter Wothers, who obviously has a talent for outreach.  Within ten minutes his live audience was cowering and hilarious.  Here at home we were merely hilarious.  Here’s the iPlayer link to the first lecture:

wothersWe’ve seen some of these experiments before, but rarely so engagingly presented.  And who would have thought of introducing caesium and fluorine to one another in the presence of a live audience?

Christmas spinney


The painted beach


After two more days of torrential rain, country walks involving streams and fields don’t look too inviting.  Luckily I always want to walk by the sea.   The images aren’t enhanced, the colours were really like that in the low sun.   (click an image for the gallery)