Bargain admission night


so we headed off to the flicks.

Argo was showing, apparently based on real-life events, but one of those stories so unlikely that you don’t know how to tell where history leaves off and dramatic license begins.  There was a sober prologue about the Iranian revolution, which brought back disturbing memories from the time, and the action was both humorous and surprisingly tense and dramatic (considering that the outcome is perfectly obvious from the word go).

It was an enjoyable evening out, but a pity about the final ten minutes or so:  fine for those who like their Turkish delight sandwiched in layers of fudge and generously topped with whipped cream, but I’m afraid some of us were surreptitiously collecting our bags and gloves.


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  1. I think it was actually a good film, though obviously not great art, and we had a good time, so perhaps I should amend my original post to say that – just the last ten minutes or so felt icky compared with what had gone before. Since there was a pound or so off the ticket, I think we still got quite good value!

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