Running before you can walk …


… is not always a good idea, as any toddler knows from the lumps on his or her head.  On the other hand, the impetus of running sometimes gets a toddler further across the room than an attempt to walk.  And it is much more exciting.

I want to start running in real Old English texts.  Each unit of the Teach Yourself course is based around a few snippets:  four lines of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle here, five from the Dream of the Rood there, then a few verses from the Seafarer.  Just as I am getting going, we drop to the carpet for a brief disquisition on the accusative or the genders of nouns.

Press on…


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    • Yes, I’m sure they have, and it’s a good way of drip-feeding awareness of different kinds of literature to a beginner too. But I happen to be particularly well-endowed with narrative greed!

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