Morally conflicted


The bread-maker is a horrible contraption.  It cost noticeable money (though I bought basic). It uses an environmentally-unfriendly quantity of raw materials for what it does.  It takes up too much of the worktop.  It makes an unpleasant noise.  The process is actually slower than hand-making bread, with my recipes. I don’t like the shape of the loaf which comes out.  And even if you use a good multi-seed flour, bread made with that easy yeast stuff just doesn’t smell right.

It isn’t that I am too lazy to knead and stir.  Where the nasty bread-maker really wins is on the quantity of washing up it generates: one almost-clean tin, versus the sticky mixing bowl,  jug, spoons, two greased tins, and  flour-encrusted kitchen table required for hand-made loaves.  And on a dark wet day when I got home two hours later than I expected, I am definitely too lazy to wash up.

As  G. K. Chesterton would say:  “What’s wrong with the world?  I am.”


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  1. Bread-makers are like barbecues – they’re one of those things that men take over because it stirs the hunter-gatherer within. Man the meat-scorcher becomes man the bread-maker – bread and flesh having strong associations in various religions. That’s my theory anyway.
    I’ve just bought a Russell Hobbs after our old bread-maker chewed through one paddle too many. I’m doing a loaf tonight and cooking fish too. Now that sounds extremely religious.

    • Bread and meat certainly have a resonance that salad doesn’t – though apples might. Somehow, though, I just can’t manage to incorporate the bread-maker into my image of sacramental foods – or even into my image of Man the Mighty Hunter…

        • Hmm – interesting translation you have got there … obviously one I don’t own 🙂 A bit loose even for the Living Bible, and the translators of the Authorised, RSV, New American Standard, NIV,and New Living are revolving briskly. And the New Living translators aren’t even dead yet. Perhaps the exercise will be good for them.

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