Passed on, ceased to be, snuffed it, joined the choir invisible…


There are plenty of metaphors and euphemisms for dying or being dead, conveniently collected by the Pythons in the Parrot Sketch.

I’ve found another one in my Old English word list: forðferde;  forth fared.  Most euphemisms for death sound  passive (dropped off the twig) or pointless (kicked the bucket), though joining the choir invisible would be all right if you could sing well when you got there. But forðferde, with its suggestion of setting off without telling anyone where you are going, would be a superb word to have written on your box.


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  1. “Forth fared” and “gone to join the majority” – both wonderful. They make us notice the situation from an unfamiliar angle (which is one of my favorite things to do with any situation).

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