Sharpening my pencils


That back-to-school feeling of having a new pencil case, twenty four pristine coloured pencils and a perfectly clean new exercise book.

I’ve been organising myself for serious Old English homework, and the first thing is to get the dictionary problem sorted.  Flipping to and from the word list in the Teach Yourself book is very irritating, so I have made a working copy to consult while reading a unit, with plenty of spare white space for extra words.  I’ve located a couple of reasonably extensive online glossaries, so I can check out words not given in the Teach Yourself word list.  My standard Chambers Dictionary should be useful too:  for example, it doesn’t include the Old English micel, but does have the later equivalent mickle (and many other archaic words).

And yes, I’ve also acquired the clean exercise book, the sharp pencil, and a large rubber to rub out all the mistakes I expect to make.


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  1. Impreseed with your application. I’ve bought two books on learninging Latin but never quite get round to actually opening them.

    • I failed Latin ‘O’ level comprehensively, yet I’ve found it very useful in all sorts of circumstances ever since, which gives me a sort of encouragement about not needing to be good at the Old English in order to get a reward for the effort!

  2. I am currently reading Snorre’s Edda and Heimskringla, combining them with Byatt’s Ragnarok…love to see how threads from old history still swirl and dance; enticing us to act and re-act. Lovely stuff. Amusing to now discover that you are studying old Norse. Vel Moet!

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