All have won, and all shall have prizes


Dark evening, public transport, dirty night, too many people, strange canapés uniting fishpaste and jam, curry and marshmallows, applaud forty-seven times (one of them sincere), dirty night, public transport.  Car.


Grimly considering which roads had fewest trees to fall and were least likely to have foot-deep floods, I swooshed and peered my way home along the most remote but highest route in the roaring blackness, driving on the crown of the road with a bow-wave on each side.  I reached home at 11.30 pm, and my front door has seldom looked so entirely lovely and virtuous.


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  1. Very evocative of last night, when we huddled by the fire hoping the big walnut tree outside wouldn’t join us.
    Thanks for the other comment – I shall try, but maybe not achieve.

    • Horrible, wasn’t it? We’ll all be inspecting our trees most carefully if this goes on. I’ve got a dodgy silver birch which I’m trying to get someone to look at. Fingers crossed.

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