Things to do when you can’t sleep: xxii


xxii:  Paint a torch with nail varnish

My purpose-built astronomy torch is quite good as it swaps between white and red, and has variable brightness.  But every time you need to change a battery, you need a teeny screwdriver to take out a number of teeny weeny screws, with frozen fingers, in the dark and at one in the morning.  Whose idea was that?

So I want a back-up.  This is actually an old wind-the-handle emergency phone recharger, but the torch part can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 LEDs lit, and now that it’s been tastefully varnished, it’s as red as you like.  The only drawback:  I’ll have to remember to come indoors to recharge, as the winding is so loud that sleepers next door will think  a small aeroplane is landing in the garden.

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