I’ve been waiting two years


The quinces didn’t fruit last year (bad weather again!) so it’s been a long wait for these.  They don’t look very yummy when you cut them open – dry and woody.

Poached, they soften and their fragrance wafts mouth-wateringly through the kitchen.   I make this cake, topped with quince and blueberries.  Eat as cake the first day, and pudding the second day, with syrup from the poaching and maybe cream or real custard if you are hungry.  Yum

It is mostly based on a recipe from Haalo, but with added lemon and a lighter cereal topping instead of the crumble.


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  1. I love quinces – the taste, the word, and the knobbly fruit. My mother in law has a tree, but always manages to find a use for the whole crop herself.

    • And you so rarely see any in the shops. I hadn’t got a clue what they looked like or what to do with them until I planted the little tree a few years back – I bought it for the blossom originally. Then of course I was too mean to waste the fruit, and looked it up.

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