Doing autumn


I made a start on clearing the garden at the weekend, but since then the weather has been dreadful so it’s a case of nipping out between squalls.

There wasn’t much to salvage.  Nearly all this season’s corn was undeveloped like this.  And the peppers are tiny.  I’ve just picked the last of them and tossed the plants out of the conservatory as they looked infested.

I didn’t photograph the carrots when I dug them up – they are getting a bit coarse now, but at least they are definitely carrot-shaped.  Some were transmogrified into carrot cake.

The tomatoes are struggling to ripen, out of doors or in.  For the first time ever, I kept a few of the tomato plants inside the conservatory for the whole summer.  They have been disappointing on the whole though – coarse skins, and the flavour not as good as usual.

I managed to get enough to make soup once or twice.  This is the recipe from the Pauper’s Cookbook – you strain out all the skin and seeds, so you don’t have to worry about peeling them.  This batch looked quite pretty so I took a photo.


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    • I think the plants had thrips or whitefly – they never looked very cheerful and at one point huge holes appeared in the leaves. So it’s quite surprising I got anything. Woodlice are all over the garden, but the slugs and snails are worse. 😦 I wouldn’t normally show photos of soup, but the garden has been so dismal I’m having to be Pollyanna again and count my blessings!

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