Things to do when you can’t sleep: xx


xx :  Draw a map of South America on the ceiling

Not quite as eccentric as it sounds.  There has been a leak from some plumbing, now supposedly fixed, and I was wondering if it had been done properly – so I got up and drew a pencil line round the water stain to see if it was still getting bigger.  After I did it I noticed the continental appearance.  Since I was on the step ladder, I was rather tempted to carry on with the rest of the world, but so far I have restrained myself.

(I checked it tonight, and I don’t think the stain is still growing…)


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  1. That’s fascinating. It could be developed into the plot of a children’s book. Other continents and countries could appear as the days go by, and then plants and animals. It also raises the question: why are ceilings so plain? We lie in bed and look at the ceiling, and it’s just a blank space. Why aren’t there pictures up there, pictures of birds or summer skies or sunlight shining through a forest canopy?

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