On the way to the new Chichester Museum, the Novium, I saw the daylight moon.

The Novium has a very blank exterior

Unfortunately it also has a very blank interior, consisting mostly of a huge liftshaft, as if the architect had forgotten what a museum is for.  In this room, the two teeny stands on either side of the seat are the total display space.  They contain about eight artefacts.

There were displays in one or two rooms, but I found them ungraceful and incoherent.  And dark.  Derby did it much better.

Chichester has a rich history, so there should be no lack of material.  As a museum, this seems to be all mouth and no trousers.

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    • Have you been to Tangmere (don’t know if they have radicalised that since I went) it was the old-fashioned kind – apart from the planes, quite a jumble, but it was so fascinating I had trouble getting myself out of each room. In the Novium the labels are huge but don’t really tell you much (in some cases leaving off the DATE!) and it seemed difficult to see the actual artefacts. No enlarged photos to show you detail on the tiny things, either. Pity – wasted opportunity – but if enough people moan about not getting their £7 worth, perhaps they will re-plan their displays eventually.

      • In the weird way that these coincidences work, I was cycling on the edge of the Tangmere airfield today as part of a 50 mile exploratory ride to fine tune a 75 mile route I am working on inspired by Chichester Harbour and it’s hinterland. The last time I was at Tangmere, and in the museum there, was fifteen years ago, at the time when we were using the airfield to give our teenage children some car-handling experience. That museum is *much* more my kind of place! I’m not even sure that I want to risk a precious £7 on the Novium. And much as I like plays on words, ‘Novium’ doesn’t quite do it for me.

        • Coincidences again – well we are all bombinating in a very small space I suppose. The really fantastic air museum is the one at Yeovilton – have you been? We used to live nearish, and went about eight times, never bored.

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