Spuddling about


The sun shone.  It was warm, but not hot.  What to do?  Gardening?  Walking?  Reading?  Spuddling about by the sea?  Spuddling won, but I took the book with me.  Nothing like a frozen explorer or two to add to your sense of personal comfort.

The beach I chose is knobbly rather than sandy

But the sea was clear and fresh

And the sky had been casually brushed with a little cirrus and nothing else.

I sat in a fine aroma of fermenting seaweed, and had a long read and a short paddle.

It was also a good place to people watch:  sun worshippers, swimmers, tots, convalescents, parents, paddlers, scuba divers, walkers at the end of their long walks, townees, kayakers, tourists, a sprinkling of locals.  Some of the social comedy was excellent.

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    • On this occasion, it means to waft about doing some ineffectual and mostly directionless activity. It’s one of those relative verbs – “I’m spuddling” means “I have earned some time in which I can relax and need not be productive and I’m going to enjoy it” while “You’re spuddling” probably implies “you are wasting time and cluttering the place up while doing it, go away and get a grip”.

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