American Scientist 100 (3) 226-233


Eberhard W.G. and Wcislo, W.T. : Plenty of room at the bottom?

From p.227:  “In some species of spiders and mites, the relatively large brain takes up so much room that it overflows into the legs, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘thinking on your feet’.”

This journal is always good value, though for a non-scientist (or presumably for a narrowly-educated specialist) it’s like doing an intellectual assault course.  Having just rejigged my brain eight times to deal with articles on data mining, computer modelling, safety in engineering, archaeology/palaeontology of dog domestication and human evolution, zinc microrockets, neural activity for remembering and daydreaming, Herschel and the infrared, and the development of the central nervous system in very small animals, I think that I too might need some extra brain in my legs.

(They are very generous with full text articles for back issues.  If you want to find out more about nematode brains, go to  )


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