Non-stop Sunday


It’s been busy.  The highlight (or maybe the lowlight) was the moment when the switch on the handle of the lawn mower exploded into a shower of sparks.  With help from next door, the switch was re-wired in ten minutes.  It then took both of us 35 minutes to pack the wiring and switch mechanism back into its plastic pod. The mower is working again, there is a hole in my shirt and a small scorch mark remains on my stomach.


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    • Actually it made me think of the bathetic headlines you get in local storm-in-a-teacup newspapers – you know the kind of thing – ‘Local electrical fault reported on internet : one nondescript female slightly singed’.

    • You’re very keen on these chickens! I’m sure they would eat more grass – the piggies don’t like it when it’s cold and damp, they just sit in their little hutch and cry until you bring them in again.

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