Ruin to saucepans


The stitched shibori-style scarf I made last night went into the dye early on.  It’s slow to produce the fine stitching for this, and nearly as slow to cut the stitches out after the dye process.

Then I tried the paper resist on several different fabric swatches and got completely different results each time.  The scaled-up version of this was on a different fabric again, and this time came out looking rather frantic.  i should have dunked it again to calm it down, but time was up.  Home to boil all the wax out of the fabric and iron the pieces.  It’s not good for one’s saucepans.


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    • The wax is just ordinary paraffin wax of the kind you’d use to make candles, but some of the dyes are very toxic, however natural, so you aren’t supposed to mix dyeing and cookery in the same pot (and by the time dye has been simmering in them, they look pretty bad).

      It is the same with pottery – the clay itself is pretty much harmless so long as you don’t breathe in the dust, but the oxides for the glazes and some of the other glaze ingredients can be poisonous, so they are all stored outside in the garage with their own jugs and bowls (and I don’t even keep the really iffy ones like barium).

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