Any colour so long as it is blue


Today we’ve been working towards what is alarmingly called our FINAL PIECE.  Something tells me that mine is going to be blue.  I spent much of the day in the indigo vat, which still stinks, but was moderated by a blackberry dye seething on the ring (yum).

Old cotton sheet, very old silk, new oyster-coloured self-striped silk, and random balls of cotton and wool yarn

Top to bottom:  shibori on cotton; shibori on silk; batik on cotton;  batik and paper resist and tying on cotton;  shibori and batik on self-striped cream and beige silk;  hanks of cotton and wool yarns to right.

I didn’t manage to take photos in the workshop today – too busy.  This afternoon I’ve been washing, winding and ironing out wax (good job the ironing board already needs a new cover).

Remembering to use enough newspaper and kitchen paper to blot up wax as you iron…

Now it is time to do some homework and prepare the FINAL PIECE.  Trouble is, there are at least two things I want to try before the end.

For anybody into such things, I’ve put in some close up photos.  Click for the detail.

Silk shibori before dyeing: found objects tied into fabric (in this case, rawlplugs) and rows of different kinds of stitching pulled tightly into rolls and gathers and tied off.

Shibori on silk after dyeing; you can see the stitch patterns and the marks left by the rawlplugs and ghostlike prints where the fabric folds touched

Cut out paper resists stuck onto cotton with batik wax; variable penetration of wax into cotton depending how much the paper resist allowed to pass through

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