Veiled in mystery


I have cleverly removed a chunk from one finger so throwing pots is out.  Handbuilding is still possible, with enough plasters on the finger.

Having never mastered the art of handbuilding neatly,  at this stage I long to toss my pots in the bucket as they always look like monstrous misbegotten Cornish pasties.  So this looks better swathed in plastic while it firms up ready for the next few inches.

While that was going on, the Mediaeval Baebes gave food for thought, inviting me back to a long-gone world.  For example, what should one make of Adam lay y-bounden and its reversal which turns on the concept of the felix culpa?  For that matter, should I be worried that I am more familiar with mediaeval Catholic theology than its modern equivalent?

The clay has been hanging around for some time and is a bit smelly.  A fair amount worked its way under the plasters – I wonder if I’ll go septic.


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  1. Handbuilding as in re-building your hand?
    I’ve been coiling today. I had minor surgery to my neck this morning, with 2 resultant stitches. Felt fine when I got home, so started work on a commission for two large vases, wheel-thrown. As soon as I started to lean into the clay to centre it, I thought my stitches were going to pop. Hence the resort to some gentle coiling. But the mood was wrong, and it all ended up a wobbly mess. Better luck tomorrow maybe.

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