Clay day


Stacking the kiln is an art requiring an excellent sense of three-dimensional geometry, which in this case we do not have.  I did remember to put the shallow things at the top in an attempt to use all the volume of the kiln.  Let’s hope there is enough headroom.

A guest came and wanted to make porcelain dangly things.  Most people to whom I’ve given pottery ‘tasters’ go away and are no more seen.  It’s not for everyone.  There are two exceptions:  a lady of a certain age who potched along happily for several years, and a young lad who is a much better potter  than me but (sadly) doesn’t have time now in a busy career.

I occasionally do a raku firing in a deeply inappropriate but entertaining way.  Last year’s glazes need a bit of work to be usable…

They may have gone off completely, but I am too mean to throw them away without testing first.


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  1. Mmmm – many years left and in 11 years more time to dabble. In truth, I’m too much of a weakling to get the clay even kneaded well enough. If only we didn’t have to work for our livings!!!

    • Time is the enemy all right! I think that’s why people realise it isn’t for them – it needs so much time that it doesn’t run well alongside other hobbies and interests. I fight to get time to do it myself – and I’m an addict.

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