Things to do when you can’t sleep: xvi


xvi:  Make a drawing

Quentin Blake always a class act

This was a gift to someone which has returned to me again.  It isn’t so much drawing as assisted doodling, but the quality of the assistance is very high.  It is pleasant to imagine the Children’s Laureate doodling away alongside you as you share the page with him, the instructions are cheerful and unpatronising, and the watercolour pencils are beautifully soft and smeary.

I’m sure you can tell where Quentin Blake leaves off and where I begin


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  1. This is a cracking book – I got it a while ago (second-hand, natch, without pencils and with some kid called Kate’s doodles every so often). Did you read Roald Dahl when you were a kid too?

    • Thanks for dropping in!

      I’m a bit too old for that, but my children read Dahl, and I always thought he got very lucky in his illustrating partner – a very powerful element in Dahl’s massive success. Have you seen Blake’s own picture books? E.g. ‘The Green Ship’?

      • No problem 🙂

        I haven’t read any of his own books, as by the time I’d found them I was a sullen teenager, but I’ve heard of them. The best children’s writers tend to have the perfect illustrating partner. Like Jacqueline Wilson/Nick Sharratt – another partnership I loved as a kid.

  2. I keep trying to learn how to draw but somehow I can’t push myself. the same with music. I think I am so heavily into language I need those areas to escape into and can’t do it if I know the mechanics.

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