Olympic knitting


Still watching the Olympics, especially the equestrian events.  The dressage competition has the distinction of having the only seriously informative commentator on the BBC, so far as I can tell, so hats off to Judy Harvey for her perspicuous explanations.

The show-jumping has a small additional pastime built in, as you try to work out what each jump represents.  Horses take off between the megaliths of Stonehenge, hurdle the span of Tower Bridge, or refuse to have anything to do with Abbey Road.  A huge portrait of Darwin is propped against one obstacle, and a cross-looking Lady Justice has been fetched down to guard another.  Tonight a treacherous upright fence turned out to be the Uffington White Horse.  I’m still trying to work out if all the subtexts are intentional.

At the same time I knit … and knit … It carries a certain risk when working on a 20-row lace pattern, as in the excitement of an Olympic moment I sometimes start doing row 9 in the middle of row 5, and the slub in the thread disguises the mistakes until far too late, but I am definitely getting on.


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  1. I’m a knitter too – but I’m still learning so lace patterns are a bit beyond me at the moment. I loved the dressage. Horses dancing! Who knew it could be so interesting and entertaining 🙂

    • You’ll be watching the individual dressage to music tomorrow then? I’ve been soaking the dressage up because it’s so rarely shown on the telly (at least, on the earthbound channels I watch), and I sit with my mouth open at how clever the riders are.

        • More medals! Were you jumping up and down? I watched some, but must admit that on reflection I prefer the austere music-less dressage just accompanied by the creaking of the saddle, the whomphs of the horse and the rhythmical thud of the hooves. Didn’t they do well though?

          • Wasn’t it brilliant! I have to say I quite enjoyed the horses dancing to music because I love music and it just added to the excitement for me. I got all whooped up and overwhelmed 🙂

            They did so well. I loved it (did I mention that?!)

  2. I find plain old circular unpatterned knitting is the only safe thing while watching the Olympics – if I’m going to do something complex, a book that will wait for my attention to return is safer!

    • Yep, I got a bit distracted this afternoon and had to unpick two rows grrr. I can look up and down to tv while I knit, but I’m not dexterous enough to do lace without looking. So if I’m reading I can only do stocking stitch because I can usually do that by touch.

        • Never really tried circular needles – I suspect that I would just go round and round and forget where I was (like a brickie who once worked on an extension to the house, who had to be told to stop so they could put the windows in…)

          • Oops!

            But with knitting – that’s why they sell those little ring-shaped markers. Just thread one over your needle at the beginning of the circuit – your fingers will notice it even if you aren’t paying attention 🙂

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