Let’s hear it for lemons


Is there anything you can’t add lemon to?

Alen suggested soup to use up my inadvertent marrows (see previous post).  Yes, I thought, I can freeze that, let’s have a go.  I did have some doubts as the ageing courgettes become fibrous and don’t have the same flavour as when they are babies.  So I tried onion, marrow, and chicken stock – adding lemon peel while simmering, and lemon juice at the end to keep the flavour as fresh as possible.  A few whizzes later – summer soup.  I like the pale yellow, and think it will be quite pleasant, especially with a little dribble of cream and maybe some fine herbs.

I also made some chutney based on Marguerite Patten’s recipes.  I was feeling impatient and didn’t chop everything down fine or cook it very much, so it will be quite munchy.  It stayed a nice colour too.  I didn’t put lemon in this, but I could have.

Ok, that’s three marrows used, two given away, three waiting in the basket and a lot of surreptitious swelling going on in the veg patch.  It’s surprising what even our fitful English sun can do, given the chance.


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  1. Well, how about slugs? They ate all our courgette plants while we were away, so are well fed, fat and juicy. Pan seared (no more, they are probably al dente to start with) and a squeeze of lemon – or has Mr Blumenthal been there already? Is that why his Ducks are Fat maybe?

    • Cunning plan. How about sliced into little rings and dipped in batter, deep fried until crispy and served with lemon wedges? Also, I’ve often thought it’s a pity we don’t eat those juicy green caterpillars – after all they only consist of lettuce or cabbage really, and considering the average poundage on each plant they’d qualify as heavy croppers.

      (Is it just me, or is this starting to sound like Monty Python? Do you remember the dew-fresh baby frog, lightly killed and enrobed in fine chocolate?)

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