I took my eye off the courgettes for a couple of days.

So now what do I do?  The first thing would be to consult this ancient and battered volume.  After her work with the Ministry of Food during World War II, I’m sure Marguerite Patten knew all about making the best use of gluts.

Her list includes:  damson and marrow jam, marrow chutney, marrow curd, marrow and ginger jam, marrow and lemon jam, marrow lemon curd, marrow and orange jam, and pickled marrow.


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    • I saw some marrow cakes etc., but do you think they will freeze?? There’s a limit to how much cake one can eat or give away! At the moment I’m working on pasta bake, stuffed marrow, chicken and veg bake (with marrow of course)….

  1. You did better than we did! We have had a right old crop fail here, all that rain and an overwhelming attack of slugs. Tried to drain and protect but to no avail, tiny toms, rotten pots, no beans or peas. Only carrots and strawberries (bizzarely!) seem to have worked ok this year. Oh well.

    • I had zero strawberries and only about 15% of the peas I should have had, celery all bolted, sweet corn stunted past hope of recovery. I’m surprised to get anything at all. It’s nearly as frustrating being a gardener as it is being an astronomer.

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