Silly to feel squeamish


just because Curiosity is approaching Mars.  But having sat through the live coverage when Beagle was lost, my guts are beginning to churn.

I suspect that if Mars was currently visible, I would be out there aiming the 10″ at it, superstitiously hoping that watching would make Curiosity’s machinery work better.

Well you have to be irrational sometimes.


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  1. “Well you have to be irrational sometimes.”

    Yep! I’ll help – I’ll cross my fingers and go find some wood to touch. That should help Curiosity land safely! Well, at least it should give me the illusion of controlling events 😉

  2. And why not? Hope may be an intrinsically irrational emotional response, but it is what drives us in many situations. If we were forever dispassionate we would achieve little, surely.

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