Double bind


Last night the sky was clear (hurray) but the gibbous moon was in the west (boo).  And there’s me with the 10″ scope out to make sure it is all in order and I’ve not forgotten what to do with it, and wanting to revise the fuzzies in Scutum.

In normal circumstances, I’d compound with Fate, and observe the moon for an hour or so.  And the moon does look fantastic in the 10″, though so bright that I need a filter to reduce eye strain.

However, because the 10″ is a Dob, it sits low to the ground,  and the moon was behind the hedge from the scope’s point of view; so, ludicrously, the moon was unobservable, but still well above the horizon, making everything else unobservable too.

So I just tested the works.  The scope still goes.  And I found M11 by pure guess in a bright sky using Altair as a pointer (down a bit, right a bit, down a bit…).  It was washed out by the moonlight, but still coruscating palely in the eyepiece.


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    • Don’t worry about envy, you’re not missing anything – I mean, we are both missing everything! It was only a passing glim and we are back to big bad black clouds again … sigh.

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