Yesterday required distraction while I got on with things. Familiar stuff is good, as one’s attention can hop to and fro without losing the thread.

Swathes of Radios 3 and 4 and ClassicFM, of course.



I’m resigned to the hacks made to Mrs Gaskell’s plot and to the lines she gives her characters in North and South, but if they were going to commission music, couldn’t they have paid for more than one tune?



Grizzly Man is another thing altogether, not an easy watch unless you have a strong stomach and little imagination, and rather than using it as a distraction to tolerate the doing stuff, the doing stuff is the distraction to make watching the film more comfortable.  Not that you see anything gruesome:  Werner Herzog knows a trick worth two of that sort of thing.  The shot in which we watch someone watch Herzog while he listens to a tape of Treadwell being killed by the bear is an extraordinary sequence.

After that I needed the All Time Comfort Film:  The Dish.  Every home should have one.




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