Things to do when you can’t sleep (xv):


xv : Create a new blog

Theme hunting. It wouldn’t suit Minutiae, but may do for the new one.

Still WordPress, but it couldn’t be less like this one.  I have been delving into the mysteries of how half a dozen different themes work to support the new blog, and have finally found one with four columns and photo header which (nearly) meets the spec (the one above had annoying habits).  I’ve also experimented with page creation, blogrolls, stickies, featured sidebars, online forms and widgets of all sorts.  The RSS feeds were awkward so-and-sos, but I’ve (almost) beaten them into submission now.

I told you it was different.

Nothing to do with this post, but it came into flower yesterday and it has been a LONG wait


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    • Not as much as would be convenient, it has to be said. From some of your previous posts your facilities for sleeplessness have been grim at times – and I know I’m lucky to have plenty of pleasantish things to do here in the middle of the night, so I’m not whingeing.

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